Made to measure, high quality, retractable folding arm awnings for domestic and commercial applications with sizes ranging up to 13m wide and a massive choice of fabrics to suit. Choose from manual or electric operation and many different fixing brackets and methods to suit your property. Leading brands with established pedigree and products developed for Northern European climates.

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Why Our Retractable Awnings Are So Good

Search for a retractable awning online and you may well get multiple fabric awnings for caravans and motorhomes results showing, as well as the lowest priced, self supporting awnings on the UK market, thrust at you via Google shopping. These may well suit someone looking for a bit of shade on the very calmest and hottest days of the year, but that is about all you should expect.
For a high quality awning to use at every opportunity, even when there might be a stiff breeze or the chance of some rain, then this is far more serious search. For sheer good looks and the very best in terms of quality components and the best fabrics, take a look at our market leading manual and electric awnings for your home, business and outdoor space.

Fit for Purpose

Custom made.. UV stable and UV blocking fabrics…. Forged knuckle arm joints and high quality aluminium arms and cassette…. Market leading electric motor drives with excellent guarantees.
Adjustable pitch for canopy cover… The list goes on and the finer details would prove even more relevant if you could compare to mass produced awnings, purely made for a low price point.
Investing in a retractable awning for your home or business should mean a product which lasts for many years to come and provides excellent and adjustable shading whenever you need to use your outside area. Your garden, patio or terrace can be greatly enhanced with a protected, covered area, which is all controlled with ease and has the ability to properly protect from the harmful UV rays and also protect from those annoying light summer showers too.
Awnings Online only sell the very best awnings which have all been developed, tested and manufactured for use in a Northern European climate such as our very own. They have to deal with more than just those very few calm and sunny days which come along from time to time.
Invest in the best and the assurance of longevity and reliability.

Manual or Electric Awning

Although we offer some manual awning options we have found that around 90% of people want electric operation or can be shown the benefits very easily to having electric operation.
For manual operation you will always have a long winding handle and depending on the actual final size and projection of the awning and whether you choose the option of additional gearing in the mechanism, opening and closing manually can be quite a lengthy job. If you choose manual operation you have to be aware that you and only you or a trusted family member or friend are in charge and should close the awning whenever the wind speed or rain is too hard.
With electric operation you have the simple and recommended option of a simple remote handset to push to open and push to close but also stop the awning wherever you choose for the best shading during the day. Nearly every awning we sell now also includes either a separate wind speed monitor or the more advanced motion detection system in the front profile. The role of these monitors is to retract the awning should the wind speed get too high and your awning starts to rock and roll all over the place, potentially damaging the awning.
This is perfect for what we now see regularly in the UK, very fast weather changes during the day and gives you peace of mind.

Find Your Perfect Awning

With the wide range of awnings we offer online there is one for you and your property style. Whether you think a square cassette shape is right for your home or a round or oval shape instead we have a model to suit. There are compact cassette models like the very popular Markilux 990 and then much larger cassette sizes which of course enable much larger sizes of awning to be offered too.
A semi cassette awning isn't necessarily worse or better than a full cassette awning and in many cases the semi cassette awning is simply because of the physics behind the design and arms used with a model like the Markilux 1600 semi cassette offering superb strength and stability because of the way the arms are fitted to a full length metal bar spreading the load and weight across more evenly.
The Weinor Cassita LED is another example of an awning which also double up as a light bar even when closed up. This is a great awning for providing cover and light in the evening.
If it isn't obvious which awning is best for you then email us or give us a call and speak to someone with your queries and concerns.

Why Choose a Retractable Awnings?

A good quality retractable fabric awning correctly specified and ordered at the right size will give you the flexibility and control of light, sunshine and heat ingress both underneath and more often than not in the room(s) protected by the awning too. More and more glass is being used for large kitchen extensions and other buildings and the heat ingress in the summer is difficult to control without preventing the sunlight hitting the glass outside and an awning is perfect for this purpose whilst also leaving great levels of vision from the inside out, unlike maybe using a vertical blind to block out light and vision.
Retractable awnings are very easy to use and of course retract back when closed to a very small size compared to when fully extended. Correctly specified in the right colour cassette you would struggle to even see them on many properties when closed and not in use.
Tale control of the sunlight, shading, cooling and light levels with any awning and create your perfect outdoor covered space to enjoy most of the year round..

Frequently asked questions

  •   Can I install my own retractable awning?

    We would suggest that most standard self supporting awnings can be installed fairly easily, BUT only if they are up to around 6m in width and not wider, because the weight will simply get too much to handle easily, and only if it is a perfectly flat and stable house wall fixing, without special bracketry and other adaptations needed.
    Most awnings up to around 5m wide will only have 2 standard brackets and these are ideally chemical fixed to the wall structure and then the awning fits to these brackets and is connected to power to then set up with the motor limits.
    If we know and see what you intend to fix to and which awning you are looking at we can advise whether to engage professional installation or not.

  •   Are retractable awnings OK in the wind?

    This depends upon the size of the awning and what arm system is used. A ‘carry bar’ awning will generally be stronger than a cassette awning as the pressures from the awning and through the arms is spread out better, rather than at specific points of fixture. Most high quality awnings will be OK in the wind at speeds of up to around 20 mp/h. Above that speed they would be retracted, BUT of course it also depends on which way the wind is coming from and whether it is a gusting or stable wind, so never black and white on advice.
    The best advice is to always have a motion detector with any electric awning and this can monitor the actual awning movement rather than the wind speed. Once the awning front profile is moving around too much the awning will retract from a signal given by the detector.
    If you know it is always windy and you are exposed more than other premises then consider a Retractable Pergola fabric system instead.

  •   Can I use a retractable awning in the rain?

    This is the most debated single subject when it comes to awnings generally. Most manufacturers will say no, but then this is to cover the grey areas in what to expect and to also acknowledge we cannot exactly define ‘light rain’ against other types of rain.
    Simply put, a good quality awning which is set at 15 - 20 degrees or more of pitch on the cover will deal with ‘light rain’ no problem, as the rain should run off the front of the awning and never sit on the cover and cause a weight problem and potential damage. The steeper the angle of the awning, the faster the rain will disperse and it is all about not getting a pool of water starting to build on the cover, which then stretches the fabric and eventually breaks the awning when the weight gets too much.
    An awning fabric cover only pools with water if the fabric is fairly flat, but also when the fabric isn't taught enough and this can depend on the quality of the fabric, the strength of the arms and if the awning has been adjusted properly too.
    If you know you require a retractable fabric solution for constant use in rain outdoors then you should look at one of the retractable Pergola Systems instead, but a good quality retractable awning set at a steep angle and not over a size of around 5m x 3m will deal with light rainfall all day long as long as it isn't windy of course either.
    The fabric cover should always be dried out as soon as possible and not left rolled up inside the cassette still wet as this will cause other issues with the fabric over time.

  •   How many colours do you offer for the fabric canopy? How much does a retractable awning cost?

    We have sorted that issue if you are after a high quality awning for your home or business as all our prices are showing in our online shop right here.
    You will see so many prices if you search on the internet and such a wide variety of different awnings but there are fewer awnings designed purely for the European market and therefore fit for purpose in our UK climate. A good quality average size awning is somewhere between £2,000 and £7,000 with standard brackets for fixing.

Highly professional and well-informed…

Extremely professional and knowledgeable company. The entire process of viewing products online, selecting the preferred system, and placing the order was remarkably straightforward. The person I spoke to on the phone demonstrated significant expertise. They also dedicated time to thoroughly explain how the system operates. Plus, it looks fantastic! Many thanks your team we will recommend Awnings Online to friends.

Beautiful awning, fantastic price, delightful people

We are absolutely delighted with our awning. The entire process was incredibly straightforward, and everyone at the company was exceptionally helpful.  Overall, it was such a positive experience, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking the best products with top-notch customer service.

New Awning on our victorian home

New Awning on our victorian home 
After 24 years our two 'side by side' full cassette awnings (3.5m and 4.0m) started to show their age, so found Awnings Online to seek replacements. We were very impressed with the advice and knowledge of the products, and it was wonderful to discover that we were able to have one 7.0m awning. The sales person coprihensively showed us the quality and showed us the design of the Markilux 1600 awning, and this is what we ordered. Your sales person completeled the order for us promptly and the awning is now installed. We are delighted with the product, and we were very pleased with the efficiency and helpfulness of the whole Team at Awnings Online. Thank you.

What an excellent team!

A special shout-out to Jess, who provided valuable advice on the design and color selection for our new awnings. I highly recommend Awnings Online, and the awnings boast exceptional craftsmanship and top-quality construction.

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