Dacapo Oval (10 Panel) 2500mm x 3350mm

Side Arm Umbrella
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The May Dacapo uses a ball joint to tilt the parasol to the required angle and then locks in place. The height of the parasol is quick and easy to adjust by using a gas spring in the umbrella pole. Thus, your parasol can be adjusted in no time so you can enjoy your time in the garden without the glare of the sun.

The May Dacapo Side Arm Umbrellas can be personalised to meet your requirements; 

> Available with or without a valance.
> Range of parasol shapes to choose from.
> Installation options allow to umbrella to be mobile or stationary.
> Choice of fabric colours.
> Comes as standard with a protective sleeve.
> The Dacapo Umbrella is space saving as it can be closed and folded away without any need to dismount anything.
> The Crank Handle aids the horizontal displacement of the cantilever arm.

The canopy can be rotated around all three axes so you can adjust the parasol to the changing position of the sun: 

> 360° around the support pole
> 180° around the cross arm
> 90° around the joint axis


Domestic Use. 

The Dacapo has a pneumatic spring in the parasol mast which enables easy height (vertical) adjustment. 

Installation Options: 
Mobile Installation Options 

Full Frame Pedestal - customised height to fit parasol surface, frame size 83 x 83cm, screw off upper part, galvanised, weight approx 23kg, incl top plate for winter protection. For 1 set of standard concrete slabs 40 x 40 x 5 cm. 

Full Frame Pedestal (adjustable for slanting surfaces) - with 4 rubber diagonal support levelling screws, frame size 84 x 91cm, total height min. 34cm, max. 40cm, weight approx 24kg, galvanised. For 1 set of standard concrete slabs 40 x 40 x 5cm. 

Cross Pedestal - mounted with screws, frame size 83 x 83cm, total height 28cm, weight approx 4.5kg, galvanised. For standard concrete slabs 40 x 40 x 5cm.

Stationary Installation Options 

Anchor tube (to be embedded into concrete) - 2 pieces, screw off upper part, galvanised, weight approx 4.7kg, incl top plate for winter protection. 

Wall Bracket - galvanised, weight approx 5.5kg, wall plate 30 x 16cm. Bottom of support pole rests on bottom end of anchor tube. 

Corner Wall Bracket - galvanised, weight approx 5.5kg. 

Further Installation options are available. For more information, please speak to our friendly staff on 0800 328 6250.

Installation Instructions provided with every umbrella.

A 24 months warranty is granted on the umbrella, including all operational parts. 
Warranty does not cover damage from improper use, strong winds or rust film on spoke joints.

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