Domestic Parasols

What makes a really good, high quality parasol for use outdoors in your garden or patio/terrace area? You would probably think about the resistance and stability in wind, unless your outdoor area is completely protected by surrounding walls or structures? Maybe the shape or size of the umbrella is more important, depending on what you are thinking of covering with sun protection? The canopy fabric colour perhaps and its UV stability over time? Ease of operation? Especially on the much larger umbrellas..

In reality, we find it is all of the above and we have a wide range of parasols for domestic and commercial use, which all offer effortless operation, the best strength in the supporting framework and base support method and the best fabrics and choices of colours for you.
We also offer a wide range of support and base methods on the larger umbrellas to suit your site and ground conditions. Many of the parasols are sold into both domestic and commercial applications because of the confidence in their overall integrity.

We sell nothing which is mass produced purely sold on price alone, we want you to experience high quality and performance and the longest life span.
One of the biggest factors we like people to understand is that all the parasols we sell online have replaceable parts and are also easy to replace and repair. With so many products just sold without any support for parts and therefore just thrown away when they break, we believe products which can be maintained and repaired to keep perfect are far more important products to focus on and will provide the longest lifespan, which then justifies the original investment.

Types of Domestic Parasols

In a lot of our parasol ranges we offer various cantilever parasol and centre pole supported parasol options. The cantilever parasols will never manage the larger size options of the centre pole models, simply down to basic physics. The side arm mounted parasols will also have less of a wind rating over any centre pole supported model, simply again because of the way they are supported and the overall stability possible.


Domestic Parasol for home use

Base Options

The key to overall stability for any parasol used outdoors starts with the right base type and correct fitment. From a free standing weighted option to a hinged super sizes steel sleeve in ground system, there is an option to suit you and the chosen parasol model.

When you add in any electrical cabling then it is important to find the exact right base to suit and also fit correctly if it is a fixed solution. 

We have steel plates, steel cages for ballast to be added into, steel frame with and without wheels and the ability to add concrete slabs, concrete bases in various shapes, weights and sizes and then the fixed in ground steel tube options when you have the umbrella in the same position every time but want to remove to store in the winter perhaps?

32In our online shop we will show the most popular bases for the various models but if you cannot see a solution then simply call or email us for a solution. 

Base Option Umbrella

Cantilever or Centre Pole?

You will see a wide selection of parasols in our domestic and also commercial parasol ranges. 

The cantilever models are popular for sure but do have more limitations on dealing with wind, so be aware if your garden is exposed to a prevailing wind. Customer like the fact the support pole isn’t in the middle so it can sit to the side of a table or other object and with many of the models you can also swivel the canopy around to adapt as required. There is a size limit on cantilever models way below the maximum sizes for centre pole umbrellas so take careful note of the various shapes and sizes available as you may be able to achieve a lit more with a centre pole parasol and also benefit from the performance they give.

Have a large enough centre pole umbrella and you can cover 2 tables and not have either table with the pole in the middle. The simple winding handle on many larger umbrellas along with a geared mechanism makes light work of the opening and closing, with many models also rising and falling elegantly to avoid sweeping everything off the table when closing or opening.


For more information or expert advice call our team

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May Umbrellas

The cantilever parasols we offer from world leading manufacturer MAY, also known as a ‘side pole parasol’, are often placed next to a table or a sun lounge, and can be pivoted. This allows you to align it with the suns movement during the day to suit your preferences. Cantilever parasols feature a design that makes them versatile and space-saving. They usually come in sizes up to 11'6" x 11'6".
Our cantilever parasols include the models MEZZO, DACAPO and RIALTO.

Central support, highly stable and very large, when required: The centre pole parasols from MAY features a steel pole in the middle of the parasol. Their design makes them more stable, and therefore safer, in stronger winds. They are available as rectangular or round in shape. The choice of sizes is very extensive:
Rectangular parasols are available up to 22'12" × 26'3" in size, while round parasols are available with diameters up to 32'10". The models FILIUS, SCHATTELLO and ALBATROS are all models from the centre pole parasol category with the Schatello being a very popular model for medium to large applications. The Albatros is generally used mainly in commercial applications unless you have a very large area at home to cover

May Umbrella Parasols

History of May

The entire manufacturing process for MAY Parasols – including sewing, metalworking, assembly, shipment and service – is based in Betzenweiler in Upper Swabia, where the company was founded over 30 years ago The second generation is meanwhile at the helm of the family company, with brothers Karl-Heinz May and Klaus-Peter May now in charge.

MAY has been a reliable partner to the hospitality industry, architects and private customers for decades. The long service life of May products is very important to us and our customers.
Years after purchasing a May Parasol, any spare parts will still be in stock
The canopies are easy to clean, waterproof and repairable. May parasol systems are famous for their high level of stability in the wind and their resistance to weather. Investing in a MAY Parasol will be a proper investment with comprehensive advice and individual configuration options available


Tradewinds are a premium centre pole parasol manufacturer who have been making superb mid size parasols for both domestic and commercial use for over 30 years.
Manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa and expertly crafted from scratch in house these parasols are very durable and have a long lifecycle. Every single part of the parasol can be replaced if damaged or worn over time.
The wooden parasols frames are extremely eco friendly in every part of the process right through to the packaging itself in the boxes.

The Frame of Classic range are made from the finest kiln dried Eucalyptus timber and assembled with stainless steel fittings for high durability. Fabric options are naturally resistant to rotting and mildew, acids and alkalis and in addition, all fabrics are Teflon treated to provide water, oil and soil protection.

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Tradewinds Aluzone parasols were designed to offer a modern lightweight yet strong parasol utilizing a modern mix of aluminium, stainless steel and the finest kiln dried Eucalyptus timber that is FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified. High quality materials and workmanship ensure that Tradewinds parasols are the best on their size class.
Stainless steel fittings are used for high durability and fabric options are naturally resistant to rotting and mildew, acids and alkalis and in addition, all fabrics are Teflon treated to provide water, oil and soil protection.

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See the Tradewinds Parasols in our online shop HERE

If you don’t see the parasol size or shape you need then please email or call us as we don’t have a lot of the specialist parasols in our online shop as they are too complex to specify easily.

Electric Operation

We also offer electric operated parasols from the May range to give the ability to manage one or multiple parasols very easily. Remote control operation or even use timers and wind sensors to let the parasols manage themselve

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