Tradewinds Cantilever 3m Square Umbrella

Tradewinds parasols will enhance any outside area, blending style with strength. High quality
materials and workmanship ensure that Tradewinds parasols are the number one choice of
corporate, private and promotional buyers.

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 Used the world over in leading restaurants and hotels, when supplied with printed canvas they also provide a cost effective advertising platform by some of the world’s best known brands.

A brand name in parasols synonymous with superior styling, consistency and reliability, Tradewinds Classic Parasols are made from durable eucalyptus hardwood that has been
harvested from renewable resources. 

Tradewinds wooden parasol frames are manufactured from Eucalyptus wood, which is particularly suitable for parasols due to its strength and straightness of grain. Stylish
handcrafted poles and hubs are laminated to give additional strength and durability. 

Tradewinds parasol frames are assembled with stainless steel brackets and bolts to allow for the easy installation of new component parts, should there be any breakages or
damage at any stage throughout the parasol’s lifespan.

Long lasting, durable canopies are woven from Teflon coated solution dyed polyester featuring a three year anti-fade warranty. All pockets are reinforced with heavy duty PVC. A large air vent is designed to provide additional stability in windy conditions. Canopies are easily removable and 100% washable.



Your Parasol will have been supplied with a cover bag and a cover stick. If you
have also purchased a concrete base the parasol box should contain a metal
base plate and bolts that need to be secured to the concrete. If any of these
components are missing please contact your supplier. (See parts diagram over)

We recommend the use of a concrete base or a permanent underground fixing
system, such as the stainless steel underground bases. It is essential that the
right concrete base is chosen for each parasol. 


Metal bases – Are available as an option. When parasols are to be used with
tables lighter metal bases can be used. Please check with your supplier to
ensure the correct base is fitted to your parasol. Where lighter bases are used
please ensure that you do NOT use them for free standing parasols. If in doubt
please contact your parasol supplier.

Concrete bases - The metal base plate needs to be affixed to the concrete
using the bolts and washers supplied. (Step 1) Make sure that the threaded
holes on the base do not contain dust or other obstructions that will prevent
the bolts threading correctly. Once the base plate has been secured to the
concrete tighten using the correct size spanner. Place the bottom of the closed
parasol pole into the metal base plate and tighten up the star knob, hand tight
(Step 2). 

Opening the parasol
Once you parasol is placed in its base it is ready to open. Undo the tie that
holds the canopy and carefully release the ribs of the umbrella so that each of
the struts moves freely. Gently pull the ribs outwards till the hub starts to
move on the pole (Step 3). DO NOT APPLY FORCE. Pull on the pulley cord to
slowly raise the hub upwards (Step4). Continue this till the fabric is taught and
at least one of the holes on the main pole is visible below the hub (Step 5).
Insert the pin through the hole so that the sides of the hub will rest equally on
either end of the pin (Step 6).

Closing the parasol
With the pulley system, raise the hub slightly to take the pressure off the
holding pin. Remove the pin from the pole and gently lower the hub, ensuring
that there are no obstructions. Allow the parasol to close slowly. Do not let the
cord run through your hands as this may cause friction burns. Ensure that the
canopy fabric is not caught between the struts and then wrap the canvas round
the parasol and secure using the tie. 

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