Markilux Pergola Classic Retractable Canopy System - Coupled Unit


The Markilux Pergola coupled unit offers a retractable shading and weather protection fabric roof system for those needing larger than 6m wide and up to a massive 12m wide if required! The Markilux Pergola represents a big step up from a normal retractable, self supporting awning in that it has its own aluminium framework to assist in the higher wind capabilities and the possibility to deal with rain too. Of course it is primarily an excellent sun shade product, with the fabric roof letting light in, but protecting from most of the harmful rays and heat.

* Perfect for Widths up to 12m Wide (Available wider - POA)
* Projection up to 6m
* 2 Fabric Roof Sections with One Electric Motor
* Choice of Over 100 Fabrics
* 3 Posts allow for Telescopic Outer Posts


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Unlike all aluminium louvre bladed roof systems, which totally block out the light when closed, the Markilux Pergola allows ambient light through the canopy, from any of the many fabric options available and gives a lovely ambience underneath when in use. LED lighting can be added to the sides, back and front if required for use into the evenings and further enhancements include the drop down front valance system to block out low lying sun and provide privacy and protection from annoying cooler breezes at certain times of the day or night.
All the Pergola systems from Markilux are electric operated as standard and also made to measure too for the perfect fit and easiest control of the fabric canopy during the day and night.



The Pergola Classic 110 retractable fabric pergola represents one of the very best outdoor weather protection systems in terms of performance but also value for money. A high perfomance fabric canopy system capable of dealing with wind and rain far more than any normal awning but also providing large sun shade cover for larger areas. Maximum coverage in one unit is 30 square metres but this coupled unit offers double that potential. ‘Coupling’ in awning terms is 2 of the same systems being joined together but normally sharing the same motor drive unit and mechanism. This effectively gives 2 independent fabric canopies but one drive unit and controls, although it is possible to have independent roof motors if required.

The standard system is made to measure in width and projection size with a fully enclosed cassette at the rear for the fabric to roll into. The fabric canopy is driven in and out of the cassette by a tensioned belt drive system which is built into the side channels which also have the fabric zipped either side for maximum tension across the canopy. The tension from front to back is achieved by the fabric being spring loaded with the belt pulling against this tension when pulling the canopy out for use. This way maximum tension is achieved on all 4 sides of the canopy cover and this provides the best capability of dealing with higher wind speeds but also falling rain, although the caviat with rain is always a pitch on the cover to allow drainage to happen fast enough.

Maximum width and projections for the Pergola 110 coupled unit are:
12000mm wide and 4500mm projection OR 10000mm wide and 6000mm projection

Regular Options Include:

  • Silentec motor drive - A motor which is almost silent when operating
  • Remote Control Motor - Use either standard radio or more sophisticated IO system for 2 way communication which then enables the use of Smart Control if required and apps via your phone or tablet.
  • LED line or LED spot lights in various positions on the framework
  • Shade Plus  - Drop down valance to the front which is either manual or electric operated within parameters.
  • Round or Square support posts
  • Adjustable height posts with winding handle or electric drive - Drop the corner on one side or both outer posts with an adjustable mechanics in the post allowing up to 400mm drop to provide lower sun shade or drive rainwater off one side.
  • Stability boxes for the front posts - When it is impossible to go into the ground then surface mounted weight boxes are available to provide the same support as a ground fix but also allow repositioning at a later date if required.

Domestic and Commercial applications.

May be subject to local planning permission, building regulations or restrictions.

The Markilux Pergola Clasic Pergola comes with round posts as standard and face fixture brackets are included in the price.
The Terrace Cover is operated by the means of a hardwired electric motor as standard with various remote options to choose and upgrade to.

Installation Instructions available on request.

Any of the Markilux awnings require at least 2 people for installation. They are a very heavy item to lift and the fixings for the brackets must be appropriate for the type of structure they are being fixed to. Although it is possible to install these yourself it is advised to engage the services of a professional installer.

 5 Year Manufacture Warranty 

Measuring for an Awning or Pergola..

When measuring for an awning or pergola system which is wall mounted, the width, projection from the wall, height of the awning from the ground, the pitch of the canopy cover and the lowest height for the front profile when fully extended, are all the dimensions you should consider.

A ‘standard’ size and currently the most common size in the UK is a 4000mm wide awning with a 3000mm projection. On a standard house wall this could be installed at around 2800mm high from the ground, with a pitch of around 15 degrees on the canopy, so when fully extended the front of the awning would be at around 2000mm from the ground. The 3000mm projection would be less now, because of the angle of the canopy.
To guarantee a good rainwater run off from the fabric canopy a typical self supporting awning should be set at a minimum pitch of 14 degrees, but preferably greater than this if possible.
At less than 14 degrees you should never leave the awning unattended when open and manage accordingly with rainfall.

Each awning brand and model will have a different and specific standard bracket position, so when measuring for an awning, please be aware of certain awning models which have fixed bracket positions.Many have brackets which can be repositioned but mostly the brackets tend to sit where the awning arms meet the cassette and mechanism.
Please check the specific model of awning and the fixing positions and be aware of limitations if you maybe have on the structure you are fixing to.

Dimensions and their Meaning
The ‘Ordering Width’ measurement refers to the overall width of the awning cassette or end to end dimension of any mechanism, when it isn’t a full cassette awning model. The fabric cover will ALWAYS be narrower than the awning width simply because of the physics, please check for exact fabric canopy width if this is important to you.
The ‘Projection’ is the length from the back of the awning brackets to the front of the leading profile and is when the adjustments in the arms are fully extended. Most awnings will be offered with the projections in 500mm increments, whilst the width is an exact millimetre dimension and most of our awnings are made to measure as standard.

Installation Considerations
When you are measuring for an awning and you have obstacles such as downpipes or maybe brickwork features so the wall isn’t totally flat you can choose to ignore these and focus on the width you need for the greatest shading. All the awnings have their standard fixing brackets but you can always order ‘stand off’ or ‘pipe’ brackets which enable the awning to be fitted away from the wall and in front of any obstacles. You might also discover unsuitable sub structure for fitting, such as single skin brickwork or maybe the awning position sits right over a lintel? In this case you can also spread the loading of the awning down, up or across your wall using spreader brackets.
Please email or call us with details of your obstacles and issues and some dimensions and we can advise if it isn't obvious from options given already.

Some Basic Advice
We have never known anyone to complain about any awning being too large, but a few people have wished they ordered something slightly bigger once they realise they had plenty more room and needed more shade and cover with the awning. 
You create outdoor protected space with an awning for relaxing, entertaining and dining so covering your tables and chairs with enough overhang at the sides and front to deal with the moving sun is essential. The direction your patio, terrace or garden faces is also a huge factor to the awning size. Maybe take a long stick and at various times of the day hold it out from your building wall to show exactly where the shadow sits and this will show you what the awning will also do.. Of course have the stick or rod at the length you think your awning should be and also hold it at about 2m, but angling up to the height where the awning position will be - usually somewhere between 2.5 and 3m in most cases. You might be surprised how little shade you get at certain times of the day, but whatever your reasons are for an awning you will find other benefits other than just sunshade.

We offer many awning models with manual or electric drop down front valances and these are perfect to protect from low lying sun (West facing gardens) and also provide privacy and protection from cooling breezes. Many have a maximum extension of 2.1m to give total cover from ground to awning font profile…

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