A good quality glass veranda is a way of creating an all year covered outdoor space for your garden, patio, or terrace, with a relatively simple process and installation time. In terms of the perfect solution to deal with sun, rain and wind, a glass veranda, with appropriate extras, will be the perfect solution to deal with our British climate. Watch the rain in comfort on those warmer summer days when the clouds have rolled over for a while, enjoy the protection from the midday sun with a built in retractable fabric blind, and with some additional front or side protection, you can protect yourself from the annoying prevailing winds whilst sitting in comfort most of the year round. A glass veranda can be an excellent investment for your home, either as a simple basic model or a more luxurious higher end investment which you can add to over the years as they are modular, enabling extra products to be added when you develop and spend more time outside.

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The History

Glass and polycarbonate roof veranda systems began appearing on the UK market in the early 21st century. Whilst the ‘veranda’ has been a normal outdoor seating area in many parts of the world forever, such as the Caribbean, mid Americas and Asia, its function is now the same here. Enjoy being outdoors, but never worry about rain showers in the spring, summer and autumn months. Create a specific outdoor seating, dining and relaxing space, which is fully protected and with some additional fixed or retractable side and front closures can be adapted to your preference until fully enclosed, it is an ‘outdoor room’ - which is a room without a damp course, insulation and normal building regulations compliance needed for an extension. An integration between your house and your garden.
How else might you get high quality, great looking covered additional space, but is installed quite often in just 1-3 days with minimal fuss?

Popular Features

A glass veranda in the ‘luxury’ end range is a modular fixed structure built from aluminium profiles and minimum 8mm roof glass, but usually 10.8mm laminated glass and sometimes 12mm. The majority of glass verandas are wall fixed with a sloping angle away from the house wall, directing rainwater into a gutter built into the front profile, which then directs the water away through downpipes in the front posts, away from the area, or into an existing drainage system.
Often the glass verandas are placed on raised decked areas too to assist with a seamless transition from the house into the room over any thresholds or floor level differences.
The most popular optional feature has to be the retractable electric fabric blind, which can sit underneath or above the glass roof and gives you total control of sun ingress on the hotter days and in our view gives you the perfect British weather protection system for most homes.
LED lighting is another very popular feature because you can then use your room into the night and have a great spread of light coming down from the roof bars in most cases but also from the back as a light bar or built into the cassette of the optional roof blind.

Standard Glass Verandas

Awnings Online offers a range of standard glass verandas in our shop, in a choice of standard sizes and colours for the best prices and easiest installation. These are all wall mounted systems and we give the choice of the glass being sourced by yourself locally as transporting glass isn't the easiest or cheapest product with higher risks every time it changes hands and travels further too. We can provide the exact sizes for the glass and you can also look at various glass types available, even considering coloured or tinted glass if your veranda is to be South facing on your home.
With different models available using different sizes aluminium profiles you will see a difference visually but also in the parameters for the width available between 2 posts. Many people like as much space between the 2 post systems as possible for the clearest vision and access.


  •   Does a Glass Veranda need Foundations?

    Whilst a proper foundation might be preferable overall and define the space a glass veranda only requires solid concrete foundations where the support posts are fixed down. The weight can be considerable with the glass and structure combined, plus any potential snow loading in the winter, and any movement of the posts would be disastrous. The concrete pad size can be given or is defined by the exact model and size. A complete concrete foundation would give you the stable foundation for additional items later such as sliding glass doors and the like.

  •   Does a glass Veranda add value to my house?

    According to many estate agents, yes it does indeed, some stating anything from 5% to 15%. However the system needs to be looking right and also of a decent quality, which might sound obvious but there are many very lightweight and cheap verandas sold online which would be questionable in their value to your home overall.

  •   WWhat are the glass verandas made from?

    Apart from the glass elements of course, the glass verandas are almost entirely manufactured from aluminium, a fantastic building material with excellent properties for weather resistance, excellent finishing and shape forming properties and also lightweight, but very strong when extruded into sections. All our verandas are only offered as aluminum structures and this extends to the options too like the tracking used on the sliding doors and other profiles used in the retractable blinds. Aluminium has a super smooth finish and powdercoated finishes offer excellent and durable final finishing to all the exposed sections.
    Different models we offer at quite different prices are nearly always because the amount of aluminium used in the roof profiles and other areas is more than a cheaper model.. You get more for your money and simply more aluminium on the higher end models. Better profiles, larger profiles on the roof for aesthetics and more strength to offer more options too.

  •   What main benefits will a glass Veranda provide?

    A properly specified and sizes veranda will provide additional space for your home for a start. A healthy outdoor space for you and others to use most of the year round. You could declutter your own home to a certain extent and have outdoor furniture and other items underneath the veranda all year round. You will define an area outside and create a seamless integration with your home and garden or patio area and definitely spend more time outdoors.
    Being outdoors, but also comfortable will give you better health generally and benefit your mood and others around you.

  •   Will it be hot under a glass Veranda?

    A glass veranda with no sides or front enclosed will generally be no different to just sitting outside with no cover. The glass doesn't intensify the heat from the sun and in most cases blocks out many of the UV rays naturally. What is obvious maybe is if you define the outside area by adding a glass veranda, then you will naturally sit underneath it more often than without it, so the hot summer days and heat will be there, affecting you more as you sit soaking up the outdoors. Natural air flow will still occur with open sides and front so natural cooling will still occur and maybe a small degree of heat trapped under the glass in some cases, but the glass is only single pane, 10.8mm, so it doesn't hold heat or cold very well at all.
    If your patio or garden faces south then definitely consider adding the retractable fabric blind so you have a dual purpose veranda system. If you want to control the light heat and vision underneath your glass veranda the optional retractable fabric blind is a must.. This will actually trap some heat underneath if the blind is under the glass, which is useful when going into the cooler evenings.

Highly professional and well-informed…

Extremely professional and knowledgeable company. The entire process of viewing products online, selecting the preferred system, and placing the order was remarkably straightforward. The person I spoke to on the phone demonstrated significant expertise. They also dedicated time to thoroughly explain how the system operates. Plus, it looks fantastic! Many thanks your team we will recommend Awnings Online to friends.

Beautiful awning, fantastic price, delightful people

We are absolutely delighted with our awning. The entire process was incredibly straightforward, and everyone at the company was exceptionally helpful.  Overall, it was such a positive experience, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking the best products with top-notch customer service.

New Awning on our victorian home

New Awning on our victorian home 
After 24 years our two 'side by side' full cassette awnings (3.5m and 4.0m) started to show their age, so found Awnings Online to seek replacements. We were very impressed with the advice and knowledge of the products, and it was wonderful to discover that we were able to have one 7.0m awning. The sales person coprihensively showed us the quality and showed us the design of the Markilux 1600 awning, and this is what we ordered. Your sales person completeled the order for us promptly and the awning is now installed. We are delighted with the product, and we were very pleased with the efficiency and helpfulness of the whole Team at Awnings Online. Thank you.

What an excellent team!

A special shout-out to Jess, who provided valuable advice on the design and color selection for our new awnings. I highly recommend Awnings Online, and the awnings boast exceptional craftsmanship and top-quality construction.

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