4.2m square High Tensile Commercial Umbrella

The Vortex Storm Proof Parasol is one of a kind and the only choice for any commercial application subject to higher wind speeds.
Manufactured entirely in the UK and produced using high grade 316 stainless steel components along with the very tough Ferrari fabric cover options, all of which are fully waterproof and also fire retardant to comply with a lot of new regulations around canopies and commercial buildings. The only parasol you can leave open for most of the year round.

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Designed for demanding environments and engineered to withstand high winds and driving rain over sustained periods of time, Vortex parasols are the ultimate shade and shelter for commercial premises. 20 years’ experience of delivering high quality shade solutions led to the creation of Vortex parasols, providing strength and durability way beyond traditional jumbo parasols. With a choice of 9 standard sizes and the possibility to add your company log and wording this is also a great advertising opportunity too.
Vortex can be used all year round, even in the harshest conditions.
Vortex provides the perfect combination of elegance, simplicity and immense strength.
Vortex is designed and manufactured in the UK and is the only parasol to conform to BS EN 13782 guaranteeing wind resistance to 100km/h.


The Vortex is one of a kind in the world of commercial parasols and free standing structures. It is a commercial parasol, tested, certified and guaranteed to wind speeds in excess of 100 km/h or storm force 10.. Why you might ask? Who would be out in such weather? Well no one sensible maybe, but the parasol could easily have been left out by the bar or hotel staff as the storm came in so fast.. Hopefully it will be perfectly fine as we have seen with so many of these superb parasols in exposed locations, kept open during various storms and very bad weather and strong winds.
The parasol is easy enough to close however, and should be if there are serious weather warnings, but it is great to be able to leave it open for most of the year round, looking good and if branded, advertising your business and premises..

Vortex is designed and manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards of engineering and uses precision engineered 316 marine grade stainless steel on most parts of the structure.
The fabric canopy is manufactured from high grade Ferrari 502 satin fabric or Ferrari 6002 STAM matt finish fabric. Waterproof and fire retardant for commercial use and compliance.

9 standard sizes and shapes of canopy are available from a 2.8m Square through to a huge 6m Hexagonal all with many options for the ground fixing bases and enhancements such as lighting, heating and other delights to bring the entire parasol and area beneath to life..


VorTex parasols are fitted with a high tensile canopy with wire edge. Fire retardant, fully waterproof Ferrari 502 Satin & STAM 6002 options. Available with 52 colours. Recyclable..
Ferrari 502 Satin PVC is durable and long lasting. It is easy to clean and carries a 10 year limited warranty to ensure years of service. Ferrari STAM 6002 provides a textured matt finish to look more like traditional parasol fabric. It carries a 5 year limited warranty. The canopies on any Vortex can be changed at anytie on the future if you wish to change colours, logos or have sustained any damage which isnt repairable.

Bases for Installation

In Ground base:
These are suitable for permanent fixing of the Vortex Umbrellas and provides the best stability for the product.
Electrical cables should be run through the ground, throughout the ground base, completely hiding them.

Decking Mount:
The flat steel plate is to be bolted to an existing solid surface.
This provides a permanent fix in situations where it is not possible to install a ground base.

Mobile base:
This is a large steel base with concrete slabs. These allow a non permanent fix and although they are very heavy this installation does allow the umbrella to be moved. The stand alone base is over 900kg when fully loaded and in operation supporting the parasol.

The Vortex frame is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. The pole diameter is 76mm with a 3m wall thickness. Main ribs are 42mm with a 1.6mm wall thickness and supporting ribs are 38mm with a 1.5mm wall thickness.


The Fast Bar:  A self supporting umbrella table, for mounting round an umbrella pole. The Vortex Umbrella Fast Bar table is 600mm in diameter.
> Perfect for use in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants.
> Resistant to scratches, abrasions heat and the weather. Hygienic and easy to clean.
> Easy to fit at any height with just two simple connections.
> Durable enough to be left out all year round, strong enough to withstand every day use. Or can be easily removed and stored.

Lighting: Mast Mounted 4 x 50W Spot Light (1 x 2.0m cable included and fitted). Other light options available - see brochure for latest details
Heating: Solamagic Heater 1.5kW Electric Heater, Hirschmann Plug, cable and velcro bracket. other lighting options are always available, please emial or call for details.
Remote Control: 5-channel hand held remote control or Remote Receiver 0.5kW, operates lights only.

Sizes Available:
Square Canopies
Rectangular Canopies
2.4m x 3.3m
3.0m x 4.0m
3.7m x 4.8m
Hexagonal Canopies

The support pole and frame is precision engineered in 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Inground base, deck mount or freestanding base options, for installation almost anywhere.

Installation details are provided with each umbrella and we can offer a full installation service if required. Prices on application.
The Vortex does require a serious base in order to perform as tested. The stand alone above ground bases are over 900Kg and for the in ground base options you will be looking at some failry serious concrete in order to comply with the loadings of the parasol. Lighting, heating and other options require electrical professionals for the cabling into the in ground support options.
See our Installation PDF for further details in the link above

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