Our commercial parasols and umbrellas are all of the highest quality components and the major benefit is that they all have easily serviceable and replaceable parts should any damage occur. Invest in the best and assurance of the very longest lifespan, including replaceable fabric canopy covers with or without printing for advertising. We also offer the only tested and certified storm umbrella capable of remaining open in winds over 100km/h in our online shop. Future proof your outdoor space and invest in the best for your business, staff and customers.


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Highlights to Consider

We are fully aware of far cheaper umbrellas sold online, but how long will they actually last and what will they look like in 6-12 months time considering the climate we now have to endure in the UK, one of the most diverse in Europe with extreme heat and stronger wind speeds.

Why are our umbrella ranges worth investing in?

Replaceable Parts

Unlike most other budget or standard umbrellas sold in bulk all our umbrellas have readily available and easily replaceable parts should any damage occur. Maybe an umbrella is left out a little too long in a spell of bad weather because your staff were busy? One of the support spokes gets damaged. No problem… Maybe the fabric cover gets damaged by a falling tree branch and tears? No problem. Every single part of every umbrella is replaceable and we think this is one of the most important factors when investing money into better quality products.
We know most of our umbrellas are of a far higher quality than the usual ‘standard’ mass produced brands and models on the UK market and are certainly fit for purpose. We even offer umbrellas more suited to protection from rain and wind if required. Take a look at our extensive range online, call or email us for further help.

Storm Proof Umbrellas

You will see in our large range of umbrellas, the Vortex. This is the ONLY storm proof Umbrella available, and also manufactured in the UK. tested to over 100km/h over long periods of time this is a no compromise umbrella for commercial applications with many options on size, shape and canopy colour, along with printing of logos and wording if required.
BS certified to BS EN13782:2005 and using waterproof, fire retardant fabric it is perfect for any commercial application and would only require closing in the event of a major weather event.
It is a precision engineered product with all major components in 316 stainless steel. Fabric for the canopy is either Ferrari 502 satin or Ferrari STAM 6002 for those of you in the know.
As these umbrellas are so strong, they also take on additional accessories with ease like serious lighting, heating and even outdoor speakers and TVs.. Rainwater guttering can also be incorporated in between multiple units to cover very large, almost infinite size outdoor areas with fabric side infills to also protect from the wind and rain on exposed sides.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Nearly all of our commercial umbrellas can have digital printed canopy covers to advertise your business and make the most of the larger, taller umbrella units to attract and define your brand.
Many multi national companies use the Tradewinds umbrellas such as Red Bull, Coca Cola, Becks, Schweppes and so on…. With multiple unit applications, especially in long rows the advertising is obvious to capitalise on.
Indeed many companies have bought commercial umbrellas with the logos and brand name for use indoors, simply for advertising but also to define seating spaces for drinking and dining, etc.

Lights, Heating, Audio and Action!!

Many of the centre pole commercial umbrellas can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to truly define a seating or standing area underneath and immediately surrounding the umbrella.
Infra red heating is a very popular addition to many umbrellas with up to 4 units to direct heat out on all sides and give comfort into the evenings and in the cooler months. Lighting of course is also extremely popular and we have a whole range of LED lighting options for many of our commercial umbrellas sold online. Speakers, TVs and other accessories should be discussed with us before making a decision as different support pole and base options might be more relevant as you add weight to the overall structure. Anything is potentially possible however.

frequently asked questions

  •   What is the Most Wind Resistant Parasol?

    This is really simple as there is only one true umbrella which has been tested and is capable of being fully open in winds exceeding 100km/h - The Vortex Umbrella.
    Generally for commercial or domestic umbrellas there is a threshold of around 20 - 25 mph when all umbrellas should be closed but it is also uncomfortable to be sitting outside anyway.
    When you have commercial umbrellas and maybe several of them in very exposed locations like the coastline or in hilly and mountainous locations, then it is easy for them to get caught out in a sudden change of weather. The Vortex is a commercial grade, centre pole umbrella manufactured from very high quality stainless steel and fitted with a super tough canopy cover, which is also fully waterproof.

  •   How Big Can a Commercial Umbrella Be?

    When we say large umbrella we are already talking about umbrellas which are greater than 4m x 4m square (36 sq/m of cover). In the May umbrella range we have an umbrella which can be ordered up to 7m x 8m to cover a massive 56 sq/m of space. Obviously when it comes to any umbrella size over 4m x 4m the management is crucial as well as the fixing to the ground and how it is fitted.
    Many umbrellas can also be joined together with fabric rainwater guttering sections to further increase the size of area covered.

  •   Are Cantilever Type Umbrellas OK in Wind?

    A cantilever umbrella can never have the same wind resistance and capabilities as a centre pole umbrella can. Good quality umbrella models like the Tradewinds and the Shademaker models we offer are built for commercial use and the design does give them the best stability in wind, BUT a centre pole is always better for stability.

  •   What Do I Do With a Large Parasol In the Winter?

    Many of the commercial umbrellas we offer are meant to be used throughout all the months of the year, such as the ultimate Vortex umbrella. If you have a business which closes the outdoor area in winter then depending on the choice of ground fixing method you can usually lift out the parasol and store it away with a vinyl cover over it until springtime. It can also be left closed up, tied up, and covered with a vinyl cover in situ if required but not recommended if you are using a mobile or free standing base support.

Highly professional and well-informed…

Extremely professional and knowledgeable company. The entire process of viewing products online, selecting the preferred system, and placing the order was remarkably straightforward. The person I spoke to on the phone demonstrated significant expertise. They also dedicated time to thoroughly explain how the system operates. Plus, it looks fantastic! Many thanks your team we will recommend Awnings Online to friends.

Beautiful awning, fantastic price, delightful people

We are absolutely delighted with our awning. The entire process was incredibly straightforward, and everyone at the company was exceptionally helpful.  Overall, it was such a positive experience, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking the best products with top-notch customer service.

New Awning on our victorian home

New Awning on our victorian home 
After 24 years our two 'side by side' full cassette awnings (3.5m and 4.0m) started to show their age, so found Awnings Online to seek replacements. We were very impressed with the advice and knowledge of the products, and it was wonderful to discover that we were able to have one 7.0m awning. The sales person coprihensively showed us the quality and showed us the design of the Markilux 1600 awning, and this is what we ordered. Your sales person completeled the order for us promptly and the awning is now installed. We are delighted with the product, and we were very pleased with the efficiency and helpfulness of the whole Team at Awnings Online. Thank you.

What an excellent team!

A special shout-out to Jess, who provided valuable advice on the design and color selection for our new awnings. I highly recommend Awnings Online, and the awnings boast exceptional craftsmanship and top-quality construction.

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