SKYSHADE 5500FC - Retractable Full Cassette


Our best selling full cassette retractable awning for medium sizes, up to 6m width. Purpose made awning with manual or electric operation and presented as an 'end fix' awning with 2 wall brackets used in all sizes for the simplest installation.
Available with LED lighting in the arms with remote control operation. Build your perfect awning online and delivery is within 2-3 weeks from order.

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Order the SkyShade 5500 FC for your home or business and from point of ordering to delivery is 2-3 weeks.
We present the most popular awning fabrics in our options list with many more fabrics to consider within the PDF fabric brochure download. Simply find your perfect fabric and let us know the fabric reference. If you require any of the Dickson special fabrics then please contact us for a price


This is one of our best selling folding arm awnings, with an aluminium full cassette and the simplest 2 bracket, end fix offering as standard. Only 2 wall brackets are required and are installed at each end of the cassette, fixed to your wall. Standard brackets are for face fitting to the outside of any structure, but you can request ceiling fixing brackets or other special brackets if required to deal with awkward fixings and where there might be insufficient strength for the awning weight. A pair of larger wall brackets are available on request to offer more fixing points.

This full cassette awning can be manually or electrically operated and is suitable for both domestic or commercial applications. It uses a stainless steel chain link arm connection in the folding arms for strength and tension and the angle for the awning cover when extended is fully adjustable from almost flat to around 75 degrees.
The awning is supplied ready for installation, with all components required, apart from the actual fixings for the brackets as you need the right fixings for the substrate. We always recommend the use of chemical fixings if possible for the very best results.

As with all our Skyshade awnings, the electric motor drive option is by Somfy, world leaders in awning and blind automation and controls. Your standard control would be either a hand held remote control or a wall mounted wireless switch. Of course you can have both if required as well as other control options from the Somfy IO range. The Somfy IO motor is fitted as standard when selected, which means you can easily add the Somfy Switch and move over to smart controls via the Somfy app and your smartphone and tablet.

Somfy motors all carry a comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

LED Lighting
This awning can be ordered with LED lighting built into the folding arms and control via one of the channels on the remote handset. (LED lighting must only be ordered with the electric motor option for the awning).
The lighting is also on Somfy IO controls. You can control the lighting remotely and dim to 50% of normal brightness. Both arms have the white lighting built in underneath.
The LED lights are supplied with an external electrical box to house the Somfy receiver and transformer, dimensions are 254mm wide and 180mm deep x 90mm high. Grey finish.

Canopy Fabric
Choose from many different standard high quality Dickson awning fabrics. Dickson are world leaders in textiles, particularly for the outdoors, and have been manufacturing for over 180 years. Choose from many different fabrics and contact us for any special requirements such as printing or lettering on the fabrics. We also offer the Dickson Jacquard, Solar Protection, Max Self Cleaning and Spark FR fabrics for a surcharge. Details on request.

Awning Safety and Management
For any awning we would always recommend the electric option and a wind or motion sensor. The sensor will retract the awning should you forget or be absent when the weather suddenly turns nasty and the wind speed could damage the fully extended awning.
Wind is the biggest enemy with rain the second biggest enemy if the pitch of the canopy isn't set at more than 20 degrees. If you do choose to use your awning in the rain then the rainwater needs to flow freely off the front and hence a steep pitch is always better to disperse faster. If you cannot set the awning at 20 degrees or more then please make sure the awning is monitored during any rainfall. Never let the rainwater pool in the fabric…  Light rain is usually fine and anything else a potential problem with a self supporting awning.

Full cassette, retractable folding arm awning, manufactured from aluminium.
2 end fix brackets installation for face fitting to external wall as standard. Larger size brackets are available if you require more fixings to your wall.
Optional ceiling installation brackets available on request and special brackets from non standard wall installations. Please email or call for details and pricing.

Standard Cassette Colours: White RAL 9010, Anthracite RAL7016, Black RAL9005.   Other RAL colours are available - POA
Maximum Width:        6000mm
Maximum Projection: 3100mm (only on a 5500mm width maximum)
At 6000mm wide the maximum projection is 2600mm for this awning model
Minimum width for awning is 1910mm with the 1600mm projection.

Purpose made widths as standard - Choose awning width when ordering
Choose from left or right hand motor and power cable outlet colour and length as viewed from the outside looking at the awning on the building wall.
Standard power cable is a black 3m cable coming from the back of the awning cassette.
Optional emergency manual override motor is available if you wanted to ensure operation in a power failure by the use of a manual winding system built into the electric motor drive.
Manual operation is with steel winding handle at 1400mm length as standard. Choose left or right hand eye outlet for manual winding
The fabric canopy is adjustable with up to 75 degrees of adjustment.
Choice of Dickson fabrics. Optional Dickson Jacquard, Solar protection Max and Spark FR fabrics available on request

Multiple options for sun and wind sensor systems for safety or convenience for an electric operated version of the awning. We always recommend you have the motion sensor on any electric awning to retract the awning in higher winds if left open.

Minimum Awning Cassette Widths for each Projection size option:

Projection    Minimum Width
 1600mm      1910mm
 2100mm      2410mm
 2600mm     2910mm
 3100mm      3410mm

This awning is available up to 6000mm wide and is supplied completely built and ready to fit. Full instructions are supplied with every awning.
This is an end fix awning so only requires 2 wall brackets to be fitted to a suitable and sound surface. We offer wider wall brackets as an option if you have any doubts over the wall suitability and would like to fit with more fixing points. We recommend the use of chem fix fixings for all awnings where possible for the very best bonding to the substrate.

The awning lifts onto the 2 brackets once fitted and then you then set the pitch of the canopy and arms, but also set the motor limits if it is an electric awning.

Instructions are available as a PDF download on our website and above in the Relevant Downloads section

Awnings Online guarantees that awnings are free from material and assembly defects, provided that such products were correctly installed in a domestic or commercial situation. The obligation of Awnings Online is limited to repair or replacement of the defective materials or components. Repairs will be made with like or similar parts. The guarantee is limited to the original purchaser.


Please bear in mind that the following are excluded under the guarantee (this is not an exhaustive list):

• Damage due to improper and/or incidental use of the products.

* Incorrect installation of the products.

• Inadequate maintenance of the products.

• Normal wear and tear due to use of the awning.

• Damage caused by third parties or abnormal conditions such as fire, storm, wind and water damage.

• Batteries, fuses and/or bulbs

The guarantee and the CE Declaration of Conformity will be null and void if changes are made to the awning that have not been carried out by the manufacturer.

No claims can be made at any time for damage caused due to control failure when on automatic operation, such as with timer switches or sun, sun & wind, vibration and/or rain sensors. The described automatic controls are only tools to increase ease of use and safety. If you leave the control of your products to automatic mode without supervision, it will be entirely at your own risk.

Scope of Warranty Years since Purchase date
Number of Years 1 2 3 4 5
Removal of product from Installation location X X X X X
Carriage to the Factory Yes X X X X
Labour for repair and assembly Yes X X X X
Re Installation of Product X X X X X
Components (same or like for like parts) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fabric Yes Yes Yes X X
Consequential Loss X X X X X

The fabrics in the standard range are woven from solution dyed acrylic. However, it could happen that you note some minor imperfections after the installation of your awning. A slight embossing, some veining, small folds along the stitching, in the centre of the fabrics or possibly some overlapping could appear.
These irregularities are inherent in acrylic fabrics and have no effect on the performance of your cover.

Your installer can in no way be held responsible for these slight imperfections.
Examples of these natural occurrences are repeated in the Dickson fabric collection book


• Subsequent to handling during sewing, fabrication and assembly, acrylic fabrics treated with resins containing fluoride may present “veining” visible against sunlight and due to an optical effect (differences in the refraction of light)

• Folds/Wrinkles

When rolling the cover, folds may be produced in the centre or along the stitching.

• Waves

Different wrapping thickness occur on the fabric rolls where the hems and seams of the panels are because there are two layers of fabric in these places. The tension in the material created this way, may produce waves (for example a wave or herringbone pattern).

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