Awnings Online supplies a wide range of commercial grade parasols for use in many commercial applications. Create a beautiful open air outdoor space with protection from sun and rain with many of our larger umbrella models. Many of our commercial umbrellas can be equipped with state of the art technology and offer accessories such as LED lighting, infrared heating, speakers, USB charging stations and even electric operated covers, opening and closing with ease at the push of a button.

What Constitutes a Commercial Parasol?

Using medium and large size parasols in a commercial setting means you have to trust they are strong enough to withstand a lot more than you would expect in a domestic garden or patio.

Several large parasols in a restaurant or hotel garden, fully opened with many people drinking or dining underneath, need to be strong enough to deal with wind gusts or sudden bursts of rain.

The fabric on a commercial parasol needs to be tougher, thicker and more often than not these days, also flame retardant. The support pole and base, regardless of whether it is a free standing or fixed base, needs to be up to the job of supporting the canopy and never moving or falling over. There is nothing worse than seeing ripped or broken umbrellas in a pub or hotel garden, looking worn out and almost dangerous to sit anywhere near..

Our parasol ranges are built to the highest quality with the best materials. They are tried and tested, well developed products, with a guaranteed replacement parts promise. Every component on nearly every model we offer is replaceable, so your investment is guaranteed far longer than a cheap umbrella, which is thrown away when a part breaks or fails.

Commercial Parasol Key Points.

  • The canopy is water repellent or waterproof, tested in accordance with the strict UV protection standard and retains the colour for years to come (tested for weather and lightfastness)
  • The basic structure is extremely robust, stable in the wind, and hardwearing
  • The operation is intuitive and easy so any member of staff can operate
  • Cleaning and repairs are both easy and user-friendly
  • Shapes and sizes to suit many tables and areas.
  • Side arm and centre pole models
  • Logo printing and special colours where required

Specified correctly, larger parasols on your commercial premises can perform as excellent advertising. Bright, fresh, corporate colours, lettering and logos added to the canopy will all catch the eye of passers by whilst providing a comfortable outdoor space to be underneath.

When any parasol is larger than 4m x 4m it becomes a serious structure to manage and in a commercial environment there is always a higher chance of the parasol being left open when it should in fact be closed away. This would all depend on staff and management of the premises overall. Some of the largest parasols simply have to be very well managed or risk getting damaged should the weather turn nasty quickly.
We do offer solutions when it is expected that the wind speeds will always be an issue. We have a range of no compromise, super strong, super sleek and tested umbrellas which will cope with wind speeds well in excess of 100 km/h.

The Vortex Parasol - Made for the UK Climate in the 21st Century

The Vortex is a very well tried and tested solution for any discerning customers not wanting to worry about managing their outdoor space in various weather changes.

Manufactured entirely in the UK and UK BS tested to wind speeds over 100km/h with live sites around the UK where the umbrellas are left open for nearly all the year round, this is a very unique and special parasol system indeed. Most components used are high grade stainless steel and engineered to perfection.
The Vortex is perfect for any restaurant, pub, hotel, sports facility, golf club and any alfresco eating or drinking area of any kind.

Available in 9 different sizes and shapes ranging from 2.8 m square up to 6 m hexagonal there is a Vortex for most applications. There are a large range of bases available whether it be a free standing weighted base or a concrete in ground fixing method. The weight required is a serious weight of just under 1000Kg and the in ground base required some serious concrete for stability too. Check out the options in our online shop for bases.

52 standard colours are available and all canopies are manufactured from the very durable Ferrari 502 Satin or Ferrari 6002 Stam fabric, both offered with a 10 year limited warranty.
100% waterproof, totally recyclable and also fire rated and UV resistant, these are umbrella covers perfect for our UK climate and commercial environments.

Branding is a common enhancement to any Vortex parasol with screen and digital printing available on request, but also removable vinyl for temporary branding of the parasols whilst in place. A fast turnaround can be offered for this service.
A large umbrella can be a great advertising banner as well as an umbrella…

Heating and Lighting

Heating, lighting, cooling and audio visual options are all available for the Vortex range of parasols to further enhance and extend the time spent outdoors beneath the cover provided.

Tradewinds Parasols

For many of our smaller or medium sizes commercial customer applications we offer the superb Tradewinds range of parasols. The Tradewinds range offers a massive selection of sizes and traditional wooden pole or premium stainless steel support pole umbrellas, along with a great cantilever option too.
Size options range from 2m up to 5m in the centre pole supported options with support bases to suit your floor or environment, whether that is in ground fixing or surface mounted and weighted.

The Classic range offers a eucalyptus timber one piece support pole umbrella in 10 different sizes and over 20 standard colours to choose from with many in stock ready for immediate despatch.
The ‘Premier’ range offers the same 10 sizes but the support pole is in stainless steel. The combination of the stronger stainless steel centre pole and the eucalyptus canopy struts produces a very beautiful finished effect.

Tradewinds are also now offering fantastic ‘designer’ enhancement options for the fabric canopy as well as the stitching and wind vents. Contrasting or accented colours can add a superb aesthetic improvement to the parasol cover, with even a different colour to the outside from the inside when sitting underneath.
Of course, digital printing as well as heat applied logo printing for urgent turnaround times are also possible. Please email or call for further details.

The one big feature of all the parasols we offer and sell on Awnings Online is the readily available replacement parts. You are investing in high quality and replacement parts will ensure that if any part of the parasol is damaged in any way, you can rest assured there is a replacement part, providing the very longest life span possible and a solid investment

Shademaker Parasols

Shademaker is another great brand option for umbrella shading, offering a range of cantilever parasols in sizes between 3m and 4m in square, Octagonal and Rectangular shapes.
These are exceptional parasols with super sleek, anodized frames and high performance designer fabric covers. With a nautical inspired look these are parasols suitable for domestic or commercial use.


Call our expert team to discuss your commercial parasol and shading needs 01933 449 000. 

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