Bring the outside in, and the inside out, with a glass outdoor room. If you just love being outdoors as much as possible, for the natural light, the fresh air, the beauty of your garden and views, then a glass room might be the perfect choice to add extra space and protected outdoor cover for you and your family and friends.

Our glass verandas are a great product, but closing in the front and sides with additional glass in the form of static or sliding/folding glass doors gives the ability to make a truly great outdoor space to use most of the year round. Control the air flow easily by adjusting the doors, close off the rain and wind whenever you need to and open up fully on the hottest days for full air flow and the feeling of being completely outside. Manufactured from aluminium profiles of varying sizes and design finishes, depending on the brand and model with toughened safety glass for the roof and various glass door options, this is a product which needs minimal maintenance and only needs to be kept clean to perform at its best. The frameless sliding glass doors give maximum vision and light. Awning Online will be offering various standard size glass rooms with predefined specifications based on customers preferences over the years but the majority of glass outdoor rooms are made to measure and to a specification to suit each home and customer.

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Features and Benefits

An outdoor glass room is an ideal blend from your home into your garden and works best on a Sought, West or East facing aspect but is not recommended for North facing house walls or patio/garden areas. It is a perfect way for many customers to extend the space available for entertaining and relaxing without a massive investment in building works and planning associated with extensions, etc.
Benefit from the solar heat gain inside, even on the coldest air days and enjoy wonderful time inside, even when the rain is falling outside. Nothing is better than sitting with your favourite drink and a good read in the summer or autumn only to see that rain cloud coming over, but knowing you don't have to move a muscle.

Why use a Glass Outdoor Room?

It is simple really, we all know how diverse the weather is here in the UK and to have the control of heat, wind, air flow and light in your hands, whilst remaining outside, seated in your favourite spot is very appealing indeed. Glass is a great product and we love it here in the UK, with more glass than ever being used in construction, both domestic and commercial. Glass allows natural light into your building and protects against the elements.
Whilst any of the garden glass ‘outdoor’ rooms are all using single glazed units, they do act like a greenhouse, letting the light and heat in and generally trapping the warm air generated to create a pleasant atmosphere for life in all forms. The varying degrees of weather protection and light control depends on how you ultimately specify your room. A lot of glass rooms will be modular and can have additional products added at later dates once you have used the room through a few seasons. Perhaps you have worked out you need some protection from the low sun on one side in the Autumn months and you can add a vertical fabric blind for this purpose. The same blind can be used with the glass doors opened to protect from the wind but let light in, depending on your fabric colour choice, and so on. You can take control of the weather and atmosphere inside your glass room far more than most other products available. The only time a glass outdoor room is not really usable is in the darkness and depths of winter when the air is cold and damp and the sun isn’t shining. But then, why would you want to be outdoors then anyway?

Your Choice

Many of the glass outdoor rooms you will stumble across online will be a lean to system against a house wall with a door leading in from the house. With a pitch of around 10-12 degrees generally, this is what a lot of glass rooms end up being in the main, however, you can have:
* Stand alone systems with their own supporting framework and no fixture to any wall.
* Varying styles of roof bar designs, which will give rise to a very different final look depending on the overall size of the room.
* Flat roof systems with flat roof bars for a very modern and trendy look. The glass is slightly pitched within the roof bar profile height for rainwater drainage.
* Varying styles of front support posts and cross beam design , usually a rounded or square look but also some more traditional designs with sculpted profiles.
* Frameless sliding glass doors but also folding framed doors and fixed glass panelling or solid aluminium panelling, usually for the side and for privacy and protection.
* Cantilevered support roof beam for when you only want 2 posts and the front beam is wider than the maximum support width. Bring in the posts from the corners and have a cantilever support.
* Underglass retractable awning. A must have addition to any glass veranda or room which is facing South or even West. This fabric blind will protect you from the heat and glare of the midday sun in the summer months.
* Overhang design for the roof. A popular feature possible on higher end models, have the glass roof extending further than the supporting posts to protect even more when the front doors are opened.
* LED lighting, Infra red heating and for some people they even add wood burners and air conditioning. We can provide the lighting and heating but the other items can be sourced from many places.

Heritage, Suitability and Design

When it comes to high quality outdoor living products for your home it is worth knowing how far the UK is behind our European neighbours in ‘Outdoor Living’, regardless of their climate. Obviously in southern Europe people spend far more time outdoors, simply because it is so much hotter and drier most of the year, but in Northern Europe the challenges are different.
The best products in terms of their development, design, suitability and testing, come from Northern European countries like Germany or Holland, where their climate is pretty much the same as ours in the UK. They have developed so many products over many years in the same wet, windy and sunny conditions we have at home here.
You will see far more canopies and awnings and associated products in use throughout countries like Holland, Belgium and Germany, and we are only just starting to catch up.
With the more diverse weather we are experiencing and more extremes too, it is important to know that investing in your garden and adding covered spaces will be a good investment, one which will last and deal with the climate and extremes. Choose carefully on any larger outdoor products because they will have to stand up to everything, all year round, with increasing wind speeds being a bigger problem now all the time.


  •   Do Garden Glass Rooms need planning permission?

    In most cases and at normal sizes and heights, glass rooms do not need planning permission as they are not built with the same building regulations and rules as an extension to your home would have. However, there are so many variations on local authorities, as well as considerations and exceptions to listed properties, conservation areas and your own proximity to other neighbouring buildings. A quick call to your local authority often can give you what you need if in any doubt.

  •   Do I need foundations for a Glass Outdoor Room?

    You can erect a garden glass room with only concrete foundations seated underneath the supporting posts, making sure they are a suitable size of course. Many people erect a glass garden room with minimal foundations because they incorporate timber or composite decking into the design. A full concrete base is still ideal for ease of installation however although it doesn't need to be the same specification as a conservatory or extension as it isn’t considered part of the main house. Many people will tile the inside of their glass rooms with suitable outdoor tiles but the main support from any foundations is to be exactly where the support posts are situated and a level support base for the sliding glass doors.

  •   Does it get too hot inside a Glass Room?

    Just like a greenhouse in full sun, with all the doors and windows closed, it will get very hot inside a glass room in full sun, BUT the point is that you have the ability to fully open at least 2 sides to allow full air circulation on the hottest days. In a stand alone room you could even have all 4 sides opening.
    If you have a glass room on a South facing garden then we would always recommend adding the retractable fabric roof blind to control light and heat ingress, but the flow of air should make sure it is no hotter than you would expect when sitting underneath a glass roof. The glass itself will not intensify any of the suns rays.

  •   Where are your Garden Glass Rooms from?

    The glass rooms we offer on our website are currently all either originatiing from Holland or Germany. We have experienced many systems over the years and always find the same conclusions, even with other products for outdoor living. The products designed and manufactured in Southern European climates are often only suitable for sun shading and don't have any performance for rain and/or wind.
    Glass rooms, mainly manufactured from aluminium profiles and glass may look the same on a small image on a PC or your smartphone, but look at the specifications and therefore the size, weight and finish on various systems and the price difference may explain themselves.

Highly professional and well-informed…

Extremely professional and knowledgeable company. The entire process of viewing products online, selecting the preferred system, and placing the order was remarkably straightforward. The person I spoke to on the phone demonstrated significant expertise. They also dedicated time to thoroughly explain how the system operates. Plus, it looks fantastic! Many thanks your team we will recommend Awnings Online to friends.

Beautiful awning, fantastic price, delightful people

We are absolutely delighted with our awning. The entire process was incredibly straightforward, and everyone at the company was exceptionally helpful.  Overall, it was such a positive experience, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking the best products with top-notch customer service.

New Awning on our victorian home

New Awning on our victorian home 
After 24 years our two 'side by side' full cassette awnings (3.5m and 4.0m) started to show their age, so found Awnings Online to seek replacements. We were very impressed with the advice and knowledge of the products, and it was wonderful to discover that we were able to have one 7.0m awning. The sales person coprihensively showed us the quality and showed us the design of the Markilux 1600 awning, and this is what we ordered. Your sales person completeled the order for us promptly and the awning is now installed. We are delighted with the product, and we were very pleased with the efficiency and helpfulness of the whole Team at Awnings Online. Thank you.

What an excellent team!

A special shout-out to Jess, who provided valuable advice on the design and color selection for our new awnings. I highly recommend Awnings Online, and the awnings boast exceptional craftsmanship and top-quality construction.

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