Which is the best cantilever parasol for your garden?


 At Awnings Online, we've seen our fair share of garden accessories come and go, but there's one that's been catching everyone's eye lately: the cantilever parasol. This popular outdoor shading product offers the best of both style and practicality when it comes to sun-protection, and there’s no central pole to obstruct your view.

 But with the many cantilever parasols available in the market, how can you make the right decision and opt for the best cantilever parasol for the garden? Here we have covered everything that you need to know about the luxurious world of outdoor shading products.

What actually is a cantilever parasol?

Unlike most parasols, these rather ingenious devices are off to one side. There is a main pole on the side at the back and that is connected to an arm that holds the canopy outwards. This design means you do not have to place your garden furniture with the pole at the centre of the arrangement of the furniture.

 So, what differentiates cantilever parasols in the crowd of similar products. In our experience, the best models tick several boxes.

Size or Projection

This is true when it comes to cantilever parasols. You have to look at how much outdoor space you have and how much shade you believe you will require. Many standard parasols are anything from 2.5 to 4 metres in diameter. For a patio that is average size, a 3-metre parasol should suffice, especially if you want to have a small and cosy design. The Tradewinds 3m parasol is a great choice. However, if you are planning on shading a much bigger dining space, then it may be preferable to go closer to 4 metres.

Quality Fabric

The fabric used for your cantilever parasol defines its efficacy and endurance. To be more precise, the canopies of the umbrellas should be made from a high quality material that will withstand the often changing British climate. Opting for a quality fabric, not only prevent the parasols from being soaked by rain and offers protection from the ultra violet rays from the sun but also prevent fading of colours on the fabrics thus providing you with parasols that are fashionably attractive all year round.


This is important so that the structure can be able to stand firm especially in those sudden winds that are common in England. Aluminium frames are preferred, the material is quite strong, but the frame remains quite lightweight. Certain models, even the high-end ones, come with a powder-coated steel frame to ensure that they are tough and long-lasting.

 Tilt and Rotate

A cantilever parasol has the advantage of tilting and rotating features, which makes it easy to use. This is because it can be adjusted during the day to follow the position of the sun in a bid to be in the shade all the time. Choose models with simple and sleek tilt functions and 360-degree rotation as these are some of the best on the market.

 Ease of Use

 Nobody wishes to struggle with the parasol each time you need to wield it. Some of the aspects that define good cantilever parasols include easy to open and close designs. Some even come with a crank system or for ease of use or have a push button system in place.

 Solid Base

A good base is very important in order not to tip over your parasol. Almost all cantilever parasols feature a cross base. You may wish to look for fillable base weights or get parasol base weights separately for extra protection. Many of the best cantilever parasols will already come with adequate weights built into the base.

Care and Maintenance

As for the care of the cantilever parasol, a little goes a long way in preserving the equipment. Always store it when not in use particularly when there is a lot of wind blowing around. Just dust it occasionally and wipe it down with warm water and liquid soap and if you don’t use it as frequently then it would be wise to invest in a cover for it.

The perfect cantilever parasol will vary with the kind of garden that you have. Some of the aspects that should be considered include the size of your outdoor area, purpose of the parasol, and of course, your pocket but always try and opt for one that is high quality to ensure it will last.

 Our team at Awnings Online have a passion for ensuring our customers achieve their dream outdoor area. A good cantilever parasol can be the last piece of the puzzle which tips your garden or patio into a wonderland. Whether you will want to have a dining table, a reading corner or just want to give your outdoor arrangement an elegant twist then you should know that there is a cantilever parasol for this purpose.

With the right cantilever parasol, you are on the right track to have the garden of your desire no matter the weather condition.


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