What is the Best Weather Protection Product for the UK climate?

Our experts have nearly twenty years of experience in specialised surveying, consulting, and installing various sun, rain, and wind protection products to enhance outdoor spaces and protect from the very variable UK weather, we have concluded one product stands out from the others generally: Glass Canopy with built-in Electric Blind Shading

    Let’s face it, it rains a lot of the time here in the UK and then when we do get the hotter months what has happened recently? It’s too hot!! The sun is starting to show itself in our spring and summer months now with a touch of global warming added in. Meanwhile, we all like being outdoors whenever we can here in the UK, It is healthier, uplifting, and good for the well-being and mind. What we don’t want are downpours spoiling the experience, or it being simply too hot for those midday hours.

    The glass canopy or verandas can be a solution for all weathers. These structures feature robust aluminium frameworks and clear glass roofing, offering protection from any type of rain, whether light or heavy. Additionally, built-in drainage systems ensure that rainwater is efficiently directed away via the front support posts, preserving the enjoyment of outdoor spaces regardless of the weather.

What is a glass canopy?

    The glass canopy (or veranda) is a glass and aluminium roof structure, which is built with rainwater guttering to disperse rainwater at low levels or into water containers for reuse. At Awnings Online, our glass canopies are made to measure sizes as standard, and you will have many options to personalise your preference:


Choice of over 60 standard colours for the aluminium framework or special colours on request to ensure a perfect match to your colour schemes

Choice of over 200 fabric colours and patterns for the retractable electric fabric blind with varying UV protection levels to suit.

5 year guarantee as standard on the motor drive and structure for total peace of mind in your investment.

✓ Options for sides and front section infilling for further protection from wind or privacy.


What else? 

    With a glass canopy, you can add in a retractable fabric blind which enhances the protection against both sun and rain, offering coverage for any weather conditions. Also, by incorporating LED lights into roof bars or other sections, the outdoor space transforms into a delightful evening retreat, extending the enjoyment well into the night. In addition, adding in an infrared heater ensures comfort even during cooler temperatures, making the outdoor experience enjoyable regardless of the chill in the air.

Weinor Terrazza Pure    Weinor Terrazza   Weinor Glass Veranda

Awnings Online has perfected several options to offer a variation on design and general style to match modern, period, or contemporary properties and we also do extra large systems for commercial spaces too, expanding the seating and eating and drinking areas for any commercial venture. 

A great outdoor verandas  

For any enquiries, feel free to contact our team for further details and pricing.

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