SKYSHADE Capella Aluminium Polycarbonate Veranda


Our SkyShade Capella represents the very best priced polycarbonate veranda and is available in 3 standard widths and 2 standard colours in our online shop.
The Capella is slimmer in profiles than our other SkyShade models, offering excellent value for money. It is characterised by a slim, elegant and timeless design with a maximum overall width of 6m and a maximum projection from the wall back plate of 3.5m. This veranda is usually ideal for smaller applications and bungalow properties where the slim design blends in perfectly.

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Protect yourself from rainfall all year round and with the choices of polycarbonate roof sections you can also obtain sun shading with the Opal or Solar Control infill options.
Like all glass or polycarbonate verandas, all our SkyShade verandas have built in rainwater guttering in the front profile and drain the rainwater away to low level or water butts via the front support posts. You can also connect to existing driange systems and utlise pre cast concrete support pads with rainwater channels built in
There is a choice of polycarbonate roof sections - Opal, Clear, Ultra Clear and Solar Control.  
Cretate your perfect outdoor protected area with any of our SkyShade verandas and enjoy the outdoors, even when those annoying showers come in the summertime, or go much further into the Autumn months protected under your new veranda system.


Number one in our SkyShade range when it comes to competitive priceing, this veranda system is manufactured in slim aluminium profiles to create a timeless final design which will blend in with many homes and gardens effortlessly. Simple installation and easy handling with the lightweight polycarbonate roof sheets. Available in 3 standard widths and 3 standard projections.
The Capella is an aluminium canopy, ideally suited to domestic applications and small to medium size areas. it has a timeless, smooth finish design. This veranda is of a heavier construction than many others in this price range, one reason being the roof beams are fitted with aluminium, instead of rubber top mouldings, making this canopy very sturdy.

Standard Widths:  4045mm, 5045mm, 6045mm (Overall widths of wall plate and gutter profile)
Standard Projections:  2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm

Standard Features and Facts:

  • Available in 2 standard finished colours:  Cream White (RAL 9001) OR Graphite Grey (RAL 7024)
  • Gutter profile is standard half round and has no seperate trim
  • Standard dimensions for the support posts are 65 x 65 x 2500mm excluding the foot plate.
  • Veranda is supplied as standard with standard rainwater components for fitment into front posts
  • Maximum open space distance between support posts is 4000mm. You can adjust any veranda supplied with 3 posts and position the third post where is maybe suits your site better.
    Example - A 5m veranda width has three posts, but you could have an approx. 4m gap and a 1 metre gap with the 3 posts, it doesn't have to be in the centre.


Aluminium and polycarbonate veranda structure for domestic or light commercial use. 3 standard widths and 3 standard projections
Please note the Ordering Width is the centre to centre line for the outside roof beams. A 4000mm Order Width will have an Overall width of 4045mm, taken from one end of the front gutter profile to the other end. The back wall fixing plate is also 4045mm to match

Available in 2 colours: Cream white (RAL9001) and Anthracite (RAL7024).
Guttering profile is a standard half round shape to the front and square at the rear.
Standard dimensions for support posts are 65mm x 65mm x 2500mm, excluding foot plate. A foot plate can be ordered separately as an option.
The veranda is supplied with rainwater drainage internal components for low level dispersal out from the front posts.
Maximum distance between any two uprights is 4 metres.

The centre-to-centre distance between the roof beams of a Capella veranda is 1000 mm (1 metre). A roof with five one-metre sections has a total width of 5045 mm. The extra 45 mm is the distance from the centre of the beam to the outside of the beam, which is 22.5 mm; this extra width is at both ends, for a total of 45 mm. 

The Capella is perhpaps the very easiest of all our verandas to install simply because of the lighter profile sections and general handling when installing.
Like any of the veranda systems it is simply a wall plate, roof support bars and front support posts for the cross support beam which is also the rainwater gutter at the front.
The fornt support posts can be cut to lower the gutter profile and clear opening height at the front. You must lower the back wall plate to suit of course and maintain a pitch for the roof for the best rainwater dispersal.  Ideal pitch is 157mm for every metre of projection. See measure tab to the right for further information on this.

If your wall is straight and solid and you have a decent ground surface to either concrete in the front posts or create a concrete pad for each post and use the footplates then installation should be relatively simple to carry out.
You can buy pre cast concrete pads in our shop for the post supports which are set into the ground as required. Either a solid pad or one with holes for rainwater dsipersal into soakways or existing drainage systems.

We have a video to show the installation process (see video tab to the right here) and also installation instructions to review in our Downloads section above.

When measuring for your veranda system please be aware of the ideal pitch of the roof being a drop of 157mm for every 1 metre projection. The slope required on the roof is for efficient rainwater dispersal and has been calculated for this. The standard passage height of 2500mm for the underside of the gutter profile can be shortened by cutting the support posts as required on site.
Standard calculations are below for a 2500mm height to underside of guttering profile:

Projection Beam Length Distance from back wall profile
to inside of support posts
Height from ground to bottom
of gutter profile
Height from ground to bottom
of wall profile
2500mm 2470mm 2440mm 2500mm 2880mm
3000mm 2970mm 2930mm 2500mm 2960mm
3500mm 3470mm 3430mm 2500mm 3040mm


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