SKYSHADE Altair Aluminium Glass Veranda


A luxury glass veranda for totally clear and natural light flooding into your outdoor protected space. Maximum light and a view of the sky and stars at night.
A glass veranda is one of the most perfect all year round weather protection solutions, being 100% waterproof, but also providing maximum natural light, unlike louvered roof systems, especially when raining in the summer. Infill the side and front with sliding glass doors and you have the wind protection and air flow sorted too.

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The Altair is a glass veranda, but with infilled sides and front section it can become a glass garden room for even more use during the year.
Enjoy natural light and the joy of watching rainfall from underneath in those spring and summer showers we now seem to get all the time in the UK.


A glass veranda offered here in 4 standard framework colours and in 4 standard widths and 5 standard projections.
Aluminium framework with a choice of styles in the front support posts and the front guttering profile.
The Altair is a classic aluminium veranda style with the roof bars set lower than the glass roof sections so from the outside you have very clean lines to suit many different properties.

Choose your front gutter profile from a modern, smooth rounded style or a traditional victorian style
Choose from 2 different front post style with a square or rounded front profile.

The Altair aluminum veranda is supplied as standard with all posts, gutter profile, wall profile, beams, cover strips and the necessary assembly materials.
We do NOT include for the roof glass as this is best sourced locally for transport costs and handling. 
We can provide the exact details and sizes for the glass required based on your size selection.

Colours RAL9001 / RAL 7024 / RAL 9016 / RAL 9005
Gutter Profile Rounded / Classic Victorian
Posts Half Round front / Square  -  110mm x 110mm
Roofing 8.8mm safety glass - variations of your choice
Overall Widths (mm) 4060 / 5060 / 6060 / 7060 or a multitude thereof
Projection (mm) 2500 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000

As standard, you have the choice between a round or classic decorative gutter and half-round or square posts with or without a ground fixing foot plate.
The Altair veranda is available as standard in Overall widths of 4060, 5060, 6060 or 7060mm as a single section; there is no limit to the number of sections that can be joined end to end.
The roof can have a projection of 2500, 3000, 3500 or 4000mm.

Number of Posts
Up to the 4000mm wide Ordering size (4060mm Overall width) the Altair comes with 2 front posts. Over 4060mm overall width there will be 3 posts, up to a maximum of 7060mm, with some degree of flexibility on exactly where the posts can be used to support the front profile. Maintain a maximum 4m gap between posts and you can position to suit your needs.
Post size is 110mm x 110mm in either a 2500m length or 3000mm length and can be cut to suit your site dimensions and final under gutter height.

Important Note on Ordering Width Dimensions
In the Ordering Width options the extra 60 mm for the Overall Width is the distance from the centre of the beam to the outside of the beam, which is 30 mm; this extra width is at both ends, for a total of 60 mm to the entire veranda width
If you order a 5000mm wide veranda the OVERALL WIDTH for the wall plate, roof beams end to end and front profile will be 5060mm

The projection dimensions are from the back of the wall plate to the inside face of the front posts and the projection dimensions will never be the exact millimetre dimensions of the ordering options simply because of the veranda roof pitch. If an exact millimetre dimension is required on your site please contact us and discuss.

Rainwater discharge
The Altair veranda can be easily fitted with rainwater discharge by drilling one or more holes at the position where the front support post meets the horizontal gutter support profile. The post then serves as rainwater discharge pipe with outlet where you choose.
A range of rainwater discharge fittings are available for further connection (EPDM rubber drain ring, 50/60 mm leaf catcher, 60 mm rainwater discharge pipe and bend).

The necessary rainwater system for 2 posts is included in the price in our shop.

Dimensions & Roof Pitch
• This aluminium veranda roof should be installed and is set up with a slope of 157mm per metre. (approximately 8 degree pitch)

The height of the aluminium wall profile and the front clear passage height (distance from bottom of gutter profile to the ground) are completely dependent on each other and determined by this slope.

Posts & joined verandas
• Maximum distance between the upright support posts is 4 metres.
• When verandas are joined, a post is always placed directly under the coupling.
• The rainwater discharge cannot be placed inside a post above which gutters are joined.

If you are going to install your veranda based on the standard dimensions as supplied, you can use the dimension table below.

Projection Beam Length Distance from back of wall
profile to inside of posts
Height from ground to
bottom of front gutter profile
Height from ground to
bottom of back wall plate
2500mm 2470mm 2440mm 2500mm 2880mm
3000mm 2970mm 2930mm 2500mm 2960mm
3500mm 3470mm 3430mm 2500mm 3040mm
4000mm 3970mm 3920mm 2500mm 3110mm

If you require the wall profile section lower or want to make the passage height of the gutter lower, you must:

Subtract the same millimetre dimensions from both the height measurements. So if your wall profile is mounted 300mm lower, you must also shorten your front support posts by 300mm (or sink them into the ground a further 300mm) The angle (pitch) of the roof must be maintained.

If you want to reduce the passage height, you can easily shorten the length of the posts by making a square cut if you are fixing to the ground surface. However, you must then also mount the wall profile the same distance down lower on the wall. The same applies if you decide or have to mount the wall profile lower on your wall.

Calculation for installation example:
You have a roof with a width of 3000mm and you want to reduce the standard passage height from 2500mm to 2200mm. You therefore shorten your posts by 300mm or you place the posts 300mm into the ground, so the bottom of your gutter is at a height of 2200mm. Your wall profile must therefore be lowered by 300mm, which means that the bottom of the wall profile must be placed at 2960mm - 300mm = 2660mm.

Ground Fixing
An Altair veranda can be installed on any existing foundation or stone surface, if it is suitable for screw fixing or chemical fixings and you order the foot plate post option.
For added strength or when there is not a good foundation present, a pre cast concrete base can be ordered and used for each post. These pre cast concrete bases can be easily installed out of sight under the posts with the supplied bolts. The concrete bases are available with or without a rainwater discharge opening in our online shop.

Many people install the posts using the standard 3m post length and concreting the post directly into the ground leaving the post height exposed required for their final under gutter profile height.

All parts of an Altair veranda are guaranteed for a period of 5 years.

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