2.8m Square High Tensile Commercial Umbrella

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Manufactured in the UK, the Vortex High Tensile Commercial Umbrella is the ultimate solution for alfresco dining, providing both shade and shelter all year round.

The Vortex Umbrella is designed to be left up and open all year round. The specially designed fabric is easily maintained, long lasting and tear resistant. It will outperform any other large umbrella in commercial applications for a truly lasting outdoor sun and rain protection system.

The material is also flame retardant, perfect for public and smoking areas.

This is a unique umbrella standing up to wind force 11.

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Commercial sun and rain protection with the added advantage of a very high wind rating making it perfect for the catering and restaurant trade where management of umbrellas is difficult with the weather changes.
With lights and heaters and the pole mounted table this is a perfect addition to any outdoor area in a bar, restaurant, cafe or club


VorTex parasols are fitted with Ferrari 502 PVC.

Bases for Installation

In Ground base:
These are suitable for permanent fixing of the Vortex Umbrellas and provides the best stability for the product.
Electrical cables should be run through the ground, throughout the ground base, completely hiding them.

Decking Mount:
The flat steel plate is to be bolted to an existing solid surface.
This provides a permanent fix in situations where it is not possible to install a ground base.

Mobile base:
This is a large steel base with concrete slabs. These allow a non permanent fix and although they are very heavy this installation does allow the umbrella to be moved.

The Vortex frame is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. The pole diameter is 76mm with a 3m wall thickness. Main ribs are 42mm with a 1.6mm wall thickness and supporting ribs are 38mm with a 1.5mm wall thickness.


The Fast Bar:  A self supporting umbrella table, for mounting round an umbrella pole. The Vortex Umbrella Fast Bar table is 600mm in diameter.
> Perfect for use in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants.
> Resistant to scratches, abrasions heat and the weather. Hygienic and easy to clean.
> Easy to fit at any height with just two simple connections.
> Durable enough to be left out all year round, strong enough to withstand every day use. Or can be easily removed and stored.

Lighting: Mast Mounted 4 x 50W Spot Light (1 x 2.0m cable included and fitted).

Heating: Solamagic Heater 1.5kW Electric Heater, Hirschmann Plug, cable and velcro bracket.

Remote Control: 5-channel hand held remote control or Remote Receiver 0.5kW, operates lights only.

Installation details are provided and we can offer an installation service with prices on application for anywhere in the UK

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